Wednesday, September 22, 2010

day 3

hi again...
last night was a mess... i logged my food intake and it was 600 calories more than i should have consumed...
i dont know what is it with me and night eating.. its like mini binges, when im trying to eat healthy, i do binge but on healthy foods,.. like salads and healthy cooked meals..
if i ever succeeded in stopping to eat after 10 pm, im sure ill loose half my weight,... because late at night is when the ugliness happens..
and i eat when everybody is asleep.. its like what i do.. i hate that,,.. and want it to stop..

one more bad news: i am starting to catch a cold, so i skipped my morning aerobics class.. next class on monday!!  however i will walk on my treadmill today..
will post more later today...

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