Thursday, September 30, 2010

i did NOT quit !

well, i sure didnt feel that a week has passed since my last post ! days have been flying by, i was super busy with several things, but here is an update :
- weight loss: i lost 4 pounds since i started, that is 10 days ago today, i was kinda hoping for more, because i hear that at the beginning you're supposed to loose fast, but considering my low metabolic rate that i came to know of recently after tests i think i will do with any loss, until my exercising routine kicks in.
 - i have been eating healthy, much on plan, however i have not been logging in all days, i still find that time consuming, but i will try to do it, i however keep a close eye on my calorie intake which im guessing is between 1300 and 1600 daily. i use a scale to measure my cheeses and meats, im avoiding lots of carbs, i did cut out the junk, and most of the white sugars, i am trying to lower my sodium intake as well, to avoid water retention.
- im proud to announce that in the last 10 days i consume 2 diet pepsi's only !! which is a big deal for me as i was used to drinking 4 a day!!!!
- and the big news is - drum rolls - i have signed a contract on my new JOB !!
:-) :-)  i guess when your days go good they go really good !
i have been unemployed for more than 7 months now, which has contributed more or less to my last 20 pounds gain, but now i will start my new job on the 17th of october, and im planning on loosing as much as i can uptill then, and on finding a way to be able to walk at least 30 minutes every night after im back from office.

so.. i think i truely know what needs to be done, however i need to keep pushing myself not to get bored with having to keep a close eye on everything, my exercise, my food, and all that,.. it is just kinda easier to be lazy and not care,.. its easier to live in denial and act as if everything is ok...just slack on the couch and watch tv instead of sweating on the treadmill for half an hour..

im also afraid that my slow weight loss will discourage me.. i jump on the scale 4 times a day! and i feel so impatient.. but i have promised myself to keep going, even when the scale says 0 pounds gone.

how have you been doing? i hope you're pushing yourself hard and seeing the results,...

have a great evening!


  1. You're doing a great job on your weight loss. Yeah for you! Congratulations on your new job! That is good news I'm sure. Oh, and stay off that scale. It will literally drive you nuts if you keep hopping on. (grin)

  2. thank you for your congrats! and yes, this scale does drive me nuts! what is it with the digital scales that can never be consistent!