Wednesday, September 22, 2010

mini success!

i had a better day regarding calorie intake, till now i have 500 left,.. and i will still fall inline with my daily 1500..
so... what did i do? i watched what i ate carefully, and asked myself most of the times is this worth the calories or not!

and dinner was a success!
im a big meat fan... love beef. lamb, fish,chicken.. all of it!
so., i decided i was going to have a healthy burger for dinner, and that is what i had!
i used 500 gms of fresh mushrooms, grounded it with 400 gms of beef, an onion, and cooked them in a frying pan with a spray of oil ! the burgers turned out delicious, and i think using the mushrooms lowered the calories and fat, because i used less beef !
clever, ha? ;-)

anyway, im still worried about the night time,.. but i will really try hard to fight the temptation, i have the biggest loser season 10 on dvd, ill watch it, and if i really really had to eat something ill munch on the very big bowl of green fresh salad i have ready in the fridge to face any unexpected hunger!! fingers crossed.

as for the exercise, i have not had any today so far.. im thinking of pushing myself to the treadmill for half an hour.. i think if i do i might see a slight weight loss on the scale.. little decisions like this is what makes it happen, dont you think... ill let you know.

have a lovely evening.

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